The new generation of portable, suitcase-style generators offer amazing convenience and comfort. They’re a must-have for RV-owners, campers, hunters, outdoor-enthusiasts, tailgaters…and thieves. LowPro LockDown provides maximum theft-protection and allows for full operation of your generator.


LowPro LockDown doesn’t change how you use your generator

No added noise -The urethane rubber lock boot and the rubber feet of your generator provide vibration isolation to maintain your generator’s quiet operation.

Attractive -Base plates come in durable black powder coat.

Freedom -Generator can be operated in either the “secured and locked” position or alone, unlocked and independent of the base plate.

Simple Installation -All hardware included. You provide only a socket set and a hand-drill

LowPro Base plate for Honda EU2000i mountedInstalling the Generator Security Plate to the Honda EU2000iLowPro LockDown for Honda EU2000i mounted on a travel trailer.
Install in Three Steps

  1. Mount the LockDown base plate to your trailer, pickup, RV, or wherever you use your generator. Simply bolt it into place. (If you prefer to weld yours, you will need an unpainted base.)
  2. Mount the generator security plate between the existing rubber feet and the generator.
  3. Fit the generator security plate into the base and secure the LowPro LockDown system using the provided Master 6721 hidden shackle lock.

Why it works:

  • When the generator is in place the bolts that secure the base plate to your vehicle are covered by the generator’s feet. This bars access to both the base plate and the security plate bolts.
  • By itself a Master “puck-style” lock deters theft. The LowPro adds the security of a 1/4 in. steel “fortress” ring around the lock.
  • The Master lock clamps to a hasp. The hasp is made inaccessible by 2 additional “fortress rings.” The first is located on the bottom of the generator security plate and the second is on the base plate. These fortress rings are strategically placed: not even a torch can reach them.
  • The low-profile design prevents blades—even a Sawzall—from gaining the purchase necessary for cutting. This is the difference between theft deterrence and theft prevention.
  • Tucked out of sight, on the bottom of the generator security plate, is a piece of hardened tool-steel. (Tool-steel is what is used to cut saw blades. It’s that hard.) This will destroy a package of Sawzall blades and still look untouched.